Appealing your property tax

Last updated Mar 15, 2021

Most local governments allow their constituents to appeal property tax. While the appeals process differs county to county, this gives you an opportunity to negotiate a different assessed value, and as a result a lower tax amount.

Because the county assessor estimates your home property value without ever visiting the property, it is possible that there are inaccuracies with the assessment. Only you have the closest details of your property and your neighborhood, so it's important to always double check their assessment and appeal if you disagree. While not all appeals win, between 20-40% of appeals win and result in a lower tax amount.

Keeping track of your local county's rules and deadlines for appeals can be tedious. Some jurisdictions provide 90 days after you receive a new assessment to appeal, although some close the appeals window after 30 day. At MyPropTax, we streamline the process and do the hard work for you. Reach out to us at, if you're interested in lowering your property tax.